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PeopleStrategy provides the foundation you need to build a stronger, more effective people strategy.

Attract New Talent

Today’s job market is flooded with talent, making it harder than ever before to identify the best fit for both the job and your company. Eliminate the guesswork from the hiring process with PeopleStrategy eHCM™, featuring integrated Talent Acquisition built with rich features and functionality such as configurable job reqs and prescreening questions, behavioral assessments and integrated background checks. And after you’ve found your future CEO, eHCM Talent Acquisition makes onboarding quick, easy and painless, so you can make a great first impression and your new hire can start contributing faster.

Empower Your Talent

Employee and Manager Self-Service lies at the core of PeopleStrategy eHCM. Self-service empowers your employees and managers with 24/7 access (desktop and mobile) to their personal, benefits and employment data, all housed in a central online location. Say goodbye to piles of paperwork and numerous calls to HR for help. PeopleStrategy eHCM creates a more self-sufficient and empowered workforce, providing more time to focus on your people strategy.

Retain Your Talent

You hired them. You empowered and engaged them. Now how are you going to retain the talent you already know and trust? PeopleStrategy eHCM includes integrated Talent Management capabilities such as performance management, 360 feedback, career pathing and more, ensuring you have the tools you need to maximize employee performance, engagement, satisfaction and retention.

CEO, Randy Cooper, shares his thoughts on whether mid-market companies need an aspirin or a vitamin and how eHCM serves as both.